Augmented Reality

Most skilled in this feild. Have in-depth knowledge of vuforia SDK. Can create sick AR portals connecting two different locations. Has 1+ year of experience in Unity 3D. Also, have published a couple of AR filters on Snapchat and Facebook.

Virtual Reality

I can create virtual tours, and push them to android, web. Also had pretty good experience in integrating VR with an AR app.

3D Modelling

Quite begineer in this field and can design some basic 3D models on Blender and ProBuilder.

Voice development

Can develop basic voice apps on Alexa and google assistant. Knows the basics of frontend VUI and a bit of backend too.

Skill Expertness

Augmented Reality 85%
Unity 3D 75%
Vuforia SDK 80%
ARfoundation 70%
Google ARcore 50%
SparkAR Studio 60%
Lens Studio 70%
Wikitude SDK 40%
Alexa 40%

Pulkit Midha

Immersive Tech Developer

[email protected]

Hire Me


October 2019 to December 2019

Unity AR Developer

Hired here as an intern. My job is to simulate
AR experiences and to monetize them.


March 2019 to Present

Executive Leader

Organised a number of technical events under
the Start-up cell of our college.

Unity technologies

December 2019 to Present

Student Ambassador

My job here is to mentor students in my
college about the immersive technologies.

TSG & DSC-gtbit

March 2019 to Present

AR/VR and Game Development Head

My job here is to mentor students in my college
about the immersive technologies and the game development.

ARcore Multiple Floor Navigation

The only solution right now which navigates inside the different floors of the Pacific mall using Augmented Reality.
-> Github Repo Link <-

RBI app for blinds

In this project, I developed an application which uses computer vision to detect the denomination of the Indian currency. Just put a note in front of the camera and it will speak the denomination amount of the note.
-> Github Repo Link <-

AR business cards

Designed a template of a business card which will triger various links while hovering over the different virtual buttons inside the business card.

ARcore portals

Created a Dr. Strange like portal which connects two different locations of the world using the combination of AR and VR 360 video.

Started reading quora since 2014 and started writing since 2017.
A Million Viewed Writer.

Belongs to the Top 1% Guides in the world.
Million views here too.

I have published multiple blogs on the various topics like technology, game designs, and on android custom ROMs.